Ywheels Y3 DualW 65D Graphic Pink

YELLOWOOD Ywheels Y3 DualW 65D Graphic Pink

  • - Limited edition
    - Hand painted graphic technique developed by Yellowood
    - Urethane Hardness, Shore 65D The hardest wheels we make
    - Diameter 7,6mm.
    - Optimized relation grip/slide for better performance.
    - Realistic wheel design.
    - Dual bearings have more contact in the axle, making the wheel more stable, with less wobbles and no jamming.
    - Dual bearings ABEC 7 with lubricated cream. Shield on one of the sides.
    - Designed to fit perfectly on Ytrucks.
    - Professional lathered for smooth ride.

    The package contains:
    Jewelry box
    4 wheels
    8 bearings
    & stickers

    The yellow ring should be for the outside.

Price for Ywheels Y3 DualW 65D Graphic Pink

35,00 EUR

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