Yellowood Skateboards

May 15, 2010 19:32 - over 6 years ago

finally i realized one of my dreams since kid, to have skateboards from a brand of mine.
For me it's an enormous pride to skate in a deck from Yellowood it is the result of a long road of hard work and commitment, but well worth the effort.
The Yellowood is the first skate brand from my hometown which also gives me more pride As you can see the decks were custom made to follow the Yellowood philosophy, with the top ply yellow and the black middle ply, the decks were made in europe with 100% hardrock mapple, no chinese shitty decks, cheap without quality.
The concave shape is medium with a width of 7.9, the price will be € 40 + shipping.

I'm a happy guy: D

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0 - Sksanti aka Leo Cheng

May 15, 2010 20:17 - over 6 years ago

wiow really good skateboard decks and the fingerboard graphic is:OMG

1 - julio

May 15, 2010 23:11 - over 6 years ago

very good, when are they in stock ummmm, i want it

2 - viktor petrov aka Daniel Holland

May 16, 2010 10:23 - over 6 years ago

good job man it looks great!

3 - santiago

May 16, 2010 15:02 - over 6 years ago

hey can you send me the yellowood light house i live in nj and my address is 335 devon street

4 - lukas aka Maya Ziselberger

May 16, 2010 15:05 - over 6 years ago

that are printed blank decks! (sorry for bad english)

5 - Tor aka ariel star

May 18, 2010 05:22 - over 6 years ago

When they get in stock i cant wait :D

6 - koi aka Anaïs Nadal

May 18, 2010 09:24 - over 6 years ago

can anyone sell me there ytrucks or yellowood decks.

7 - kevin77845 aka Josh Hajdinovic

May 18, 2010 11:43 - over 6 years ago

I ordered a yellowood a while back, but my shipping address was missing a letter so I think they are sending it back to you. Will you send it back to the knew address I changed in my account?

8 - koi aka Anaïs Nadal

May 18, 2010 15:34 - over 6 years ago

is there some one here selling his old yellowood deck...pls..

9 - Oldster aka Geraldine Milne

May 21, 2010 06:46 - over 6 years ago

Could you post more detail regarding the decks please? Such as glue (epoxy or wood), number of plies, length of the board. The decks look great. I would like to order one for my 12 yr. old skateboarder son. Thanks!

10 - locka

May 22, 2010 08:06 - over 6 years ago

omfg thats sooooo nice when i will need a new deck its gonna be a yellowood sk8board allready got my yw fb and now i no why daniel is soooo good ;)

11 - Nico aka Ben Banda

May 22, 2010 09:07 - over 6 years ago

DAMN they look sooooo great! When will they be in stock?! Need to get one! Sooo great. are they only ist size 7.9?

12 - aka Paul Tapping

May 27, 2010 13:54 - over 6 years ago

hola piliphe me llamo ruben soy de caceres y hago modulos de finger proximamente haremos un campeonato de finger me gustaria contactar con vostros para ver si quereis participar,el campeonato se hace a finales de agosto principios de septiebre,un saludo y muy buen trabajo

13 - Azza

June 01, 2010 20:31 - over 6 years ago

holy shit man i gotta get 1 of those that is sick :):):):):):):):):)

14 - Mo

June 06, 2010 03:35 - over 6 years ago

These look sweet. It's really nice that your doing the same graphic on Skateboard's as Fingerboard's. The graphic is awesome and cant wait to try and get one of these amazing deck's.

15 - YWill

June 13, 2010 01:39 - over 6 years ago

OHH crap! that's cool! I so hope you make deferent designs for full skateboards!

16 - colin

June 17, 2010 05:11 - over 6 years ago

sick !

17 - G aka justin diaz

June 28, 2010 21:14 - over 6 years ago

you are a happy guy and i am also, if i could stay forever with u.. let me be a part of that dream *

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