Ytrucks is an Company specialized in Design and Manufacture of Fingerboard Trucks.

We at Ytrucks see a huge future for fingerboarding therefore we want the scene to get bigger and bigger by supporting it with higher quality products.

As an image of what we have done on the wooden decks like color graphics, multicolor wood layers and super varnish finishing we have spent hundreds of hours learning and understanding all the science involved with Skateboards Trucks before designing our truck.

The Ytrucks X3 generation presents the following features:

-  New design for the Hanger with reinforced pivot cup 
   and baseplate done 100% at Yellowood;

-  Special metal compound used;

-  Fixed single stainless steel shaft with the correct
   diameter and length to increase bearings life
   and performance for single and  dual bearings;

-  Unique solution to prevent the nuts to became
   loose "Autoblock";

-  Thicker baseplate with four threaded holes for an easily
   board assembly and a engraved logo;

-  Larger and stronger Kingpins to ensure a long life 
   with a Torx head to prevent easily wear down of the
   Allen key when compared with traditional hexagonal

-  Specific Bushings hardness using one of the best rubber
   compound materials which is Viton. They provide you
   instantaneous backlash of the hanger to its
   correct position;

-  Unique pivot cup design for a smooth riding;

-  New color coating system ten times more resistant than
   conventional spray inks;

-  New professional packaging